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Phil Tyson
CEO, The Coconut Group

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The rigid inflatable boat climbed on plane smoothly, and I believe, she had a top speed of 20 MPH. I was in a short 1-ft. chop, and I spent 25 minutes running her in every possible situation I could. She tracked straight, rode fantastically and was dry even in a head sea. My wife was very happy to hear this and couldn’t wait to try her out. The next day she hopped right in and took off like a pro. You should have seen the smile on her face when she returned.

I then contacted the owner of rigid inflatable boats, Art Link, with the idea of selling rigid inflatable boats on the Internet. Art was enthusiastic about rigid inflatable boats and quickly decided that it would be a great opportunity to let the world know about rigid inflatable boats on the Internet. We made a deal on the spot and The Coconut Group became the exclusive, on-line distributor for rigid inflatable boats. By the way Art owns Frigid Rigid a manufacturer of very high quality coolers and electric refrigerators and freezers.

Over the next weeks as the web site was built I became more familiar with the entire line of rigid inflatable boats. I was so impressed with how responsive, smooth and dry all the rigid inflatable boats are. There was no flexing or hull wobbling I had experienced with my inflatable boats. Plus there was lots of dry storage in the tubes. The deck was clear of the clutter that accumulated in my 2-year-old 10 ft. hard bottom inflatable that had no storage.

Safety is a major concern for all boaters. All rigid inflatable boats are Coast Guard Certified. rigid inflatable boats have wide, flat non-skid surfaces on top of the gunwales and the stability of the rigid inflatable boat hull allows safe, stable ingress and egress to docks and boats. No more slipping on round soft tubes full of air as you try to gracefully exit the boat.

Ever had an inflatable boat become a "deflatable" boat? Well, it is not a pretty picture. Hopefully your "deflatable" boat has more than one air chamber so at least you will stay afloat until some one can save you. The rigid inflatable boat has full-length, closed cell flotation that will keep the boat floating upright fully loaded to capacity. You can even start the motor and drive the boat home even if the boat is fully swamped. Of course you could simply bail out the boat and continue on as if nothing happened. I know, I did it myself in a 10'4" model with a 15 horsepower out board motor.

The rigid inflatable boats have evolved from the original Jolly Boats. rigid inflatable boats led by the owner's craving to manufacture the best of the best has found many ways to improve on an already good product. Over 50 improvements are incorporated in each rigid inflatable boat from hull redesign to improve efficiency, ride. range to an all fiberglass boat with increased strength and lighter weights. Your new rigid inflatable boat will last virtually for ever and serve you faithfully.