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Building the Symbol Motor Yacht "Off.Line"


We had Off.Line built by Symbol Yachts. The process was quite long (18 months) but enjoyable. I visited Symbol’s factory in Taiwan during the build process and found a professional, talented and very helpful group of workers that were delighted to have a visit from an actual owner.


We chose Symbol for a number of reasons.

  • Experiences with current owners of Symbol Yachts
  • Designed by Renouned Naval architect, Jack Sarin
  • Amazing quality of the finished product
  • Best Value


My visit really confirmed this opinion and the three-plus years of cruising Off.Line has made me a true believer in Symbol Yachts. The final design details were ours and fully implemented by Symbol. Symbol has been building Yachts for over 27 years and is one of the few Yacht builders that actually own their yard.


I learned most of the yacht builders in Taiwan and China lease space in an existing yard. Symbol has their own employee craftsmen for molds, fiberglass layup, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, propulsion, design, air conditioning etc. all managed by very experienced personnel with Jimmy Chen as their hands-on leader. No outside contractors!



building a symbol yacht


Symbol Yacht Taiwan Yard


symbol yacht


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