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Rigid Boats Photo

rigid inflatable boats Action Photos

Easily on plane with 2 adults
Very responsive. Notice the seating and how comfortable she is to handle.
Do you think they're having fun? Dry, smooth ride
Great Fishing Boat!
This is a very maneuverable and responsive boat. She provides a very high level of confidence in any maneuver you might try. From docking to wide-open throttle, the rigid inflatable boat is stable, predictable and fun.
Stability and my Golden retriever loves testing it. "Willow" loves our rigid inflatable boat and you will love yours as well.
Isn't she beautiful?? I mean the rigid inflatable boat! See how stable the boat is? I also want you to note the inflatable suspenders the model is wearing. You will love them. They can be worn so comfortably that you will forget they are on. I suggest you buy a pair for you, the wife and the kids. Great piece of mind!!
See the rigid inflatable boat drifting away in the distance? They had to embarrass me. I tied her up but she got away! Excuse: the wind was blowing hard?... hmmmm. Back to knot school for me. We saved her, and I was taught, by my wife, how to properly tie her up. I have created a monster!! (Photo courtesy of Suzanne Huber. Always ready to document an event.. thankfully!)