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Q 1: Do rigid inflatable boats cost more than a comparable RIB inflatable?

A: The rigid inflatable boat is LESS expensive than a comparable RIB inflatable. The rigid inflatable boat cab also be customized with custom colors, and a variety of popular options that would be difficult to install on an inflatable. The majority of inflatable boats manufacturers offer one color. There are a couple that offer several optional colors. I don't believe any offer a custom color match.

Q 2: Do rigid inflatable boats weigh more than an inflatable rib?

A: Rigid Sport Boats weigh LESS then a comparable RIB Inflatable.

 The difference in weight on a 12 ft. Rigid Sport Boat and a 12 ft. RIB inflatable can be be greater than 200 lbs. This weight difference can be very significant when using a bridge hoist or considering the effect the additional weight on the bridge can have on your Yachts stability in a Sea.

Q 3: How do you ship my rigid inflatable boat?

A: Shipping is simple. We recommend shipping to your boat yard or marina where they have a fork lift. Using a forklift Your rigid inflatable boat can be easily and safely removed from the freight carrier’s trailer. They will also be able to launch your rigid inflatable boat, install a motor or any other accessories you desire.

Q 4: I don't have a Marina or Boat yard to have my rigid inflatable boat delivered to so what do I do?

A: I would suggest you find a local marina that will accept the delivery. You may also know someone with a commercial address and a fork lift that would be willing to accept the delivery and offload your rigid inflatable boat for you. We can ship to a residence after making special arrangements to have your rigid inflatable boat to be unloaded there. This could be as simple as requesting a lift gate on the delivery truck. However, you MUST be there to accept the delivery and be VERY HELPFUL with the driver to insure a smooth, uneventful delivery.

Keep in mind if you live on a narrow street with lots of trees and low hanging wires, a delivery truck may not be able to safely drive and turn around. Think about that when deciding where you want to have your delivery made. One more thing, residential delivery will have an extra charge. The charge may be as little as $30.00 or could be as high as $100.00 depending on how much time it will add to the day's deliveries.

Q 5: I have an inflatable boat that has been cut and punctured by rubbing against barnacles. What would happen if a rigid inflatable boat would rub against barnacles?

A: I am sorry to hear about your difficulty with puncturing your inflatable against barnacles. It is a common story. A rigid inflatable boat has a very hard rub rail that will protect the boat in most cases. In a situation where hard barnacles are allowed to constantly chafe against the hull you will likely see some scratching of the gel-coat finish. The good news is that it won't puncture the hull; and you will be able to buff out most scratches. Barnacle are bad news for boats and dinghies but your rigid inflatable boat will survive a bout with barnacles and still be there for you.

Q 6: What happens if the rigid inflatable boat hull is punctured or the boat gets swamped?

A: The rigid inflatable boat is Coast-Guard approved. rigid inflatable boats has a full ring of closed cell flotation foam in the deck of every boat. This ring of foam is sufficient to float the rigid inflatable boat upright fully loaded to capacity with the outboard motor high enough to run. Let's say you were swamped by the wake of a large boat. I would simply bail the boat out and continue my trip. Of course you could simply continue to your destination fully swamped. You will get a lot of comments from onlookers if you do it this way. Make sure you tell every witness where to buy a rigid inflatable boat!

Q 7: I would like my yacht tender to match the color of my boat.

A: We can "match" the color for you as we do for Island Packet. Keep in mind that depending on the condition and age of your boat, the color match may not be perfect. We do offer several colors that have been found to be most popular. Maybe one of them will be satisfactory. The "match" effort will be an extra charge. We try to keep it reasonable and the real custom look you will achieve with a rigid inflatable boat the same color as your boat is incredible.

Q 8: My inflatable boat has a 5-year warranty. Doesn't that say they are confident in their product?

A: I have seen warranties longer than 5 years on inflatable hard bottom boats. The warranty should be read carefully! Seams are generally warranted for shorter periods. Then there are all sorts of caveats that further reduce the liability of the manufacturer on the inflatable parts of dinghies. The fiberglass hulls are where the warranties are generally for the full term.

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