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The Coconut Group is proud to offer a better mouse trap in the form of the rigid inflatable boat fiberglass yacht tender or sport boat 8.5', 10' and 12'. Better mouse trap in the sense it is not inflatable boat! No pumps, no patch kit, no more worrying about a popped air chamber, no more trying to stop the slow leaks that develop every day you own the inflatable boat.

The Coconut Group has entered into an exclusive agreement with Rigid Boats. as their Internet marketing partner. rigid inflatable boats manufactures fiberglass, hard-body boats ranging in sizes 8.5', 10', 12'.

If you are considering replacing your current inflatable or simply searching for the best dinghy for your needs, you owe it to yourself to learn more about rigid inflatable boats.

Some of the most significant reasons to purchase a rigid inflatable boat are:

  • Coast Guard certified
  • Upright flotation
  • Lots of available storage in the tubes.
  • Flat non-skid surface on gunwales
  • Stability even when standing on the gunwales
  • Options only available in a true fiberglass boat
  • Lighter weight than comparable rib inflatable
  • More cockpit width